Become a Member of The Heartland Organization

Located in Wauwatosa, we're currently servicing hundreds of clients in the Greater Milwaukee area in addition to neighboring counties like Waukesha and Racine.  The following is a list of benefits our members are receiving and the reason you should consider joining:


Preparation & Execution of your Revocable Living Trust, Pour Over Wills, Powers of Attorney for Financial and Healthcare, Living Wills, and much more.*

A Certificate of Trust Existence so your heirs & financial institutions know that you have a Revocable Living Trust

Preparation of Quit Claim Deeds; transferring title of your home and property to your Trust

Preparation of all documents necessary for the transfer of financial assets and personal property to your Trust

Unlimited changes to your trust documents for the first full year and during subsequent years of membership minor changes also covered 

Free initial portfolio and investment consultations provided by Steinbrenner Financial Group

Discounted tax accounting and outside legal services 

*All documents and legal advice provided by a licensed attorney affiliated with The Heartland Organization.